20 Spine-Tingling Horror Flicks to Stream on Netflix

2 months ago

Calling all horror hounds! In the mood for a fright-filled movie night? Netflix has you covered with a chilling selection of films guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. Whether you crave classic slashers, creepy psychological thrillers, or supernatural scares, this list has something for every horror fan.

Classic Chills:

  1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974): This iconic shocker redefined the slasher genre with its gritty realism and unforgettable villain, Leatherface.
  2. The Ritual (2017): Four friends embark on a hiking trip in the English wilderness, only to encounter an ancient evil lurking in the woods.

Modern Masters of Horror:

  1. The Mist (2007): A mysterious fog descends upon a small town, harboring terrifying creatures beyond the veil.
  2. In the Tall Grass (2019): Two siblings searching for a lost boy in a field of tall grass discover a strange and horrifying truth.
  3. Smile (2022): After witnessing a disturbing incident involving a patient, a doctor becomes plagued by a sinister entity with a horrifying smile.

Foreign Frights:

  1. Under the Shadow (2016): An Iranian family living during the war is terrorized by a djinn, blurring the lines between reality and the supernatural.
  2. Veronica (2017): A group of friends attempt a dangerous Ouija board ritual, unleashing a malevolent force during a solar eclipse.

Underrated Gems:

  1. Eli (2019): A young boy with a mysterious illness undergoes an experimental treatment at a secluded medical facility, only to discover a horrifying secret.
  2. Hush (2016): A deaf writer living in isolation must fight for her survival when a masked attacker arrives at her home.
  3. Vertigo (1958): A retired detective with a fear of heights is hired to follow a woman exhibiting strange behavior, leading him down a path of obsession and psychological horror.

Zombie Apocalypse:

  1. Army of the Dead (2021): A group of mercenaries venture into a quarantined Las Vegas overrun by zombies to pull off a daring heist.

Supernatural Scares:

  1. The Haunting of Hill House (2018): A family haunted by the horrors of their past comes together at their childhood home, facing their lingering demons.
  2. Get Out (2017): A young Black man visits his white girlfriend's family for the weekend, only to discover a horrifying truth about their intentions.

Thrilling Anime:

  1. Death Note: A high school student discovers a notebook with the power to kill anyone whose name is written in it, embarking on a twisted path of justice.

For the Laughs (and Scares):

  1. Shaun of the Dead (2004): A slacker must use his zombie apocalypse survival skills – gleaned entirely from watching horror movies – to save his mother and girlfriend.

Psychological Thrillers:

  1. Gerald's Game (2017): A couple on a romantic getaway attempt a risky game of handcuffs, leading to a desperate fight for survival.Gerald's Game (2017)
  2. I Am the Night (2019): A young woman investigates her past and uncovers a disturbing conspiracy involving a secret society and horrifying experiments.I Am the Night (2019)

Creatures of the Night:

  1. Bird Box (2018): A mysterious force drives people to madness and suicide when they see it, forcing survivors to navigate the world blindfolded. 

Documentaries (for the brave):

  1. The Exorcism of God (2021): This chilling documentary explores a real-life exorcism case in Argentina.

Last but Not Least:

  1. Life (2017): An international crew on the International Space Station discovers a rapidly evolving Martian life form that proves to be more intelligent and dangerous than expected.

So grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready to scream! With this diverse selection of horror movies on Netflix, you're guaranteed to find a film that will keep you up at night.